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The Green Children are Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, a Norwegian/English duo who write and self produce ethereal music inspired by nature.

“Dreamers”, released August 5th has received rave reviews thus far. Wonky Sensitive described it as "A breathtaking piece of bouncy electronic pop”, whilst Obscure Sound proclaimed it to be “A stylistic standout”. The song rose to #1 on the Hype Machine Twitter Chart and is the first single from the duo’s forthcoming third album.

Rolling Stone described the record as a collection of " ballads from elfin dreamers...Encounter glides by like Lady Gaga on a unicorn. Sunde gives synth-diva histrionics a mystical spritz, singing about dragons and black magic over skittering electro beats."

Mobo said, "The Green Children masterfully sprinkle sincere soul and magic into a music scene that requires some much needed fantasy and romanticism...The emerald duo's debut is an audio fairytale that confiscates all grips on reality and leaves one hopelessly daydreaming."

Their sophomore album was recorded in the mysterious woods and crystal-blue lakes of Norway. While immersed in the countryside, the duo recorded and produced an official remix for chart toppers Foster the People, along with their full-length sophomore album entitled Connection.

Connection garnered rave reviews from countless media outlets. While Amoeba Music compared Connection to “The Cocteau Twins dancing with La Roux,” PolicyMic described it as "A triumph that will sit nicely in any music collection, an album to listen to again and again, enjoy and never forget."