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Depui consists of Bent Ivar Depui Tversland and his hired guns. Some say the musical world is tasteful, with spices of catchy melodies that create singalong. Depui received good reviews for her debut album " Manhood " in 2012. That resulted in 2 NRK P1 listings(national). The album also participated in the women's javelin throw final at the Olympic Games in 2012 with the song Manhood. Depui has played at various village feasts, established festivals and many famous rock clubs. Plus everything from prisons to motorcycle clubs and tours in China, Germany and England. The last three years the band has played more than 200 concerts at home and abroad.

He appears as a creative singer and songwriter , who do not necessarily go the A4, mainstream way. He has something special and exciting by itself Rune Slyngstad in Fædrelandsvennen about singer and songwriter Bent Ivar Depui.

Depui is a formidable songwriter, his voice is raw, his gaze hits you and the band sounds just plain fat! Torunn Charlotte Lund (Canal Street Festival)

Depui released their second album "Growing Wild " on vinyl on May 3. With almost 5/6 in every review.